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miércoles, 18 de junio de 2008

Nueva foto promocional de 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona'.

Scarlett habla sobre Cristina, su personaje:

"Cristina es como una especie de alma errante perdida. No tiene objetivos y no sabe realmente lo que quiere. Esta explorando su juventud sin ninguna responsabilidad y deslizándose en cualquier lugar donde le lleve la carretera."

Además ha salido un nuevo trailer, y esta vez sí parece ser el oficial:

7 comentarios:

polexia aphrodisia dijo...

hiiiii hon. i made you a big post in your fotolog i don't know why is not there anymore :( well, as ive said, this is one of the cutest stills ive seen, i really think this is gonna be one kick ass movie, it has everything. i will see the new trailer right this second, but i have to say i adored te last one, i mean the first one, with the cute little song and no dialogue and really, it was wonderful. well, i hope you're doing great with your exams honey and not too stressed out, send you a tons of kisses, my soon-to-be bday girl.

love, honey

sssshine dijo...

e …


perfect_looks dijo...

Super lindaa!!

katemossmode dijo...


eolia_queens dijo...


kirsten dijo...

ropee!! this new trailer is really good, i really liked it i mean it has the spanish flavour!! lol. i mean it! haha. and that photo of scarlett is amazing as i said and the one from penelope too. (but i still prefer scarlett lol) it's going to be fun to see them together with Javier, more so knowing that scarlett was said to be dating javier but that the ones who are really dating are penelope and him!!!! anyway, tomorrow is you birthday girl! omg i bet you are really looking foward to it. :D i think i'll upload a photo of scarlett with kirsten if i can find one!

anyway, the biggest kiss to you birthday gir!
chris ;)

kiki dunst dijo...

actually, it's your and miss scarlett !

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