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domingo, 15 de junio de 2008

Scarlett's Style

Scarlett in...Prada

Así de risueña acudió a la fiesta pre-Bafta celebrada por Elton John en Londres. Scarlett ese año estaba nominada a los premios de la academia británica en la categoría de mejor actriz por 'Lost in Translation', y de hecho ganó el Bafta.

A esta fiesta también acudió Sofia Coppola:

Como podéis comprobar Scarlett es una gran fan de los vestidos de Prada, y en esta ocasión me gustó bastante el vestido, de nuevo, un look muy lady! La próxima actualización será con la gala de los premios Bafta, en la que también vistió de Prada! Y esto aún no ha acabado...

2 comentarios:

Miss_Scarlett dijo...

Ya subiré la foto pues cuando vaya bien fotolog osea... nunca.
la canción en directo creo que está mejor, tiene más ritmo aunque hace un par de gallos en las notas altas.
me gusta este vestido, creo que cuanto más sencillo mejor.

en el tuyo tampoco he podido comentar..

nymphadora dijo...

How cute is that your birthday is coming? Oh, she hasn't tell me anything about that surprise :( I guess it's gonna be a something new for me too.

Ohh, jaja and yeah, I mean you're a really nice girl too ♥, it's fun to exchange big comments with you and everything. She was right :) And you weren't corny at all, super adorable of you to say those things, thank you honey!

And Im super glad you like my Camila Paz, I mean, hell yeah we know each other many many years now. It's funny and really cute that you think we agree on everything, I mean with fotolog world and some things we do, but mostly we are discussing all the time, but in the good way, like we're so different, and it's so amazing, that we can go on all night talking and not have one opinion in common but it's gonna be the best night ever, I always have so much fun with her. When you grow up with someone like she and me did, I don't know, it's family, you know what I mean? She's my family in every way. jajajaja OMG !!! Damn it, we always get like this when we talk about each other. We also have another friend that we almost never see now because she's working so much, and the three of us just were the most sensitive humans ever! And Cami is the worst, Ill tell you that, jajaja don't even get that woman started. Lol, she's totally gonna kill me if she read this!

Ok then ... Ill stop boring the soul out of you right now ajaja
A very very big hug and kiss for you, dearest Rocio. You're great.


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