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sábado, 19 de abril de 2008

Trailer de 'The Spirit'!!

Ya ha salido el trailer de 'The Spirit'!!

Podéis verlo aquí:

Será la primera película dirigida completamente por Frank Miller, que ya colaboró con Robert Rodriguez en 'Sin City'

En el resto del reparto podremos ver a Gabriel Macht (que ya coincidió con Scarlett en 'A love son for Bobby Long', Eva Mendes (con la que también coincidió en 'My Brother the Pig'), Samuel L. Jackson, Paz Vega y Jamie King.

La verdad es que estoy algo decepcionada por el trailer... no está mal pero yo esperaba ver al resto de los actores en él... asi que tocará esperar aun mas!

Fechas de estreno: USA 16 Enero 2009 / Finlandia y Suecia 23 Enero / Holanda 29 Enero / Francia y Bélgica 4 Febrero / España 20 Marzo

Gabriel Macht: The Spirit

Eva Mendes: Sand Saref

Samuel L. Jackson: The Octopus

Paz Vega: Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris and The Spirit

3 comentarios:

thegyllenhaals dijo...

goshh you've changed the colours in your blog! i love them, i loooove that blue, really. :D
and that photo you have of Scarlett with a purple t-shirt is amazing, i love her hair cut! ;)

About the movie, i didn't know eva mendes was in it! it's kind of funny to see so many celebrities together! lol. It's going to be interesting this movie, though its really really really weird isn't it?! very different to many other movies.
Anyway, i'm commenting you here because your flog was already full. I love Kate winslet too, you know i think she really intelligent and sensible, that's what i love about her. Her friend Leo is amzing too (people say they had an affair while filming titanic, but i don't think so, they are just really good friends!) Leo must be intelligant too, and really talented, different to they common actor nowadays.

I absoulety loooooooooooooove titanic. i think its one of the best movies ever!

Anyway, many hugs to you girl!

I don't think i'll be able to comment you for a week or so, i'm kind of bussy with examns. :(


thegyllenhaals dijo...

by the way i closed my fotolog..!

thegyllenhaals dijo...

girl! i still haven't watched rendition! i'm really really glad you liked it. Everyone said it was rubbish... anyway, i'm sure i'll go and see it in a few days time, so i'll tell you what my impression was! :)

And about me closing my fotolog, i don't know, it's a pitty but it's just that i don't have enough time! I have to talk to you about something! ;) and my examns... well i guess they could be going better! you know i always want more than what i have... so i'm never satisfied with anything! (BIG PROBLEM!!)

I'm so glad that you are doing well at school, honestly! you must tell me your results! lol.

Anyway, maybe i'll open another fotolog (maybe to another celebritie) in a couple of months or so.

Many manyyyy hugs to you girl!!

we need to talk!!!!

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